Latest News

  1. Change of address of cross-border workers

    When a cross-border worker moves within their country of residence or to another country (except Luxembourg), they must directly contact the CNS in order to declare this change of address. It is not the employer's responsibility to do
  2. Reminder about certificates of incapacity for work

    The 13-digit national identification number (matricule) must be indicated on each original medical certificate of incapacity for work sent to the CNS. If the doctor did not mention this number on the certificate, the insured person may add it
  3. Working Papers N° 1

    Medications issued by hospital pharmacies to ambulatory patients
    Here you can find the first CNS working paper (only available in French) about "Medications issued by hospital pharmacies to ambulatory patients". Other papers will follow as of this year and cover different subjects, such as the cost of maternity and the average consumption of insured residents. We wish you good reading!
  4. New leaflet "Healthcare in Luxembourg"

    Discover our new leaflet "Healthcare in Luxembourg". It addresses affiliation in Luxembourg as well as coverage of healthcare received in Luxembourg.
  5. Refund of several invoices

    Some invoices are scanned at the CNS, others aren't yet because of their complexity. This is why the insured person may receive several refunds and reimbursement statements, even if the invoices were sent together to the CNS for reimbursement.