Latest News

  1. Office Luxembourg-Ville

    8, Boulevard Royal
    Our local «Luxembourg-Ville» office is available again at « 8, Boulevard Royal ». Contact: Phone: (+352) 47 17 84 / Fax: (+352) 47 17 84 - 55
  2. Refund of several invoices

    Some invoices are scanned at the CNS, others aren't yet because of their complexity. This is why the insured person may receive several refunds and reimbursement statements, even if the invoices were sent together to the CNS for reimbursement.
  3. Improvement of coverage

    As the financial situation of the health-maternity insurance has shown a positive evolution, it was decided to adapt certain measures in order to improve coverage of healthcare to the benefit of patients. The following measures are concerned (as of
  4. RTL - Programmes about the CNS

    The CNS, in collaboration with RTL, broadcasts a series of reports on RTL radio every Monday morning at 7:30. Various topics are approached and provide general information about the CNS and its services.